About Us


The Young Person Network for Sustainable Lifestyle And Health (YouPen 4 SLAH) is an international non-profit, non-political organization operating within the Civil Society space. The Network is currently engaging youths, adolescents and young persons in the society, susceptible to discrimination on account of their health status such as HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Polio, Autism, Withdrawal Syndrome and all other health conditions affecting young persons in the 21st Century. This engagement is geared towards advocating, pushing for the enforcement and reinforcement of their health rights and ensuring that these young persons are treated with respect first, by health care givers and the society at large and that there is access to fair healthcare for them without any hindrance or qualification.

YouPen 4 SLAH is also passionate in its agenda to enable a free access to healthcare to all adolescents and young persons. The Network believes in the resourcefulness of young persons and is ambitious in its efforts to capacitate them and carefully instill in them, a sense of belonging in the society.

Our Network is a youth-driven Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) focused on health and the health rights of adolescents, youths and young persons. We operate in Nigeria and we have networks with other health based and youth led organizations both locally and internationally.

Our Mission

To specifically address all issues affecting the health of young persons, advocating for their rights to health and at the same time, offering them practical, ongoing assistance to enable them attain a quality, healthy life.

Our Vision

To be a guaranteed destination for adolescents and young person’s seeking to improve the quality of their lives and fully integrate into the organized society.

Our Overarching Goal

To improve the quality of health of adolescents and young persons in Sub-Saharan Africa by 90% in the next 5 decades.

Our core Programmes include

  1. Research
  2. Advocacy
  3. Capacity Building
  4. Economic Empowerment
  5. Modeling/Artist Support geared to support their Carrier despite health status

Our activities include but are not limited to

  1. Workshops/Seminars
  2. Health-based campaigns
  3. Public Sensitization
  4. Evaluation and Assessments of Heath Care Centers
  5. Advocacy both to State and Non-State Actors
  6. Youth and Health Based Data Aggregation and Interpretation.
  7. Media awareness on health and lifestyle

All Programmes and Activities in YouPen 4 SLAH are built on the principles of

  1. Equity
  2. Medical and Health Rights for All
  3. Justice; and
  4. Dignity of the Human Person

Meet Our Team

Fath Ebere Onu


Founder of Young person's network for sustainable life style and health initiative (YouPen4Slag). She is widely known in Nigeria and at the global level for her tireless effort in the HIV and SRHR space. A young black feminist

Victoria John


Victoria John Secretary to Young person's network for sustainable life style and health initiative. She is a vibrant and young feminist who fight for inclusion, especially among adolescent and young people living with HIV

Endurance Olabisi


Endurance Olabisi Is the program assistant and a lawyer for YouPen4Slah. He is passionate on key issues affecting young people, especially when it comes to human right violation

Salvation Ochepo


Is an Artist is well known for composing health songs, were he motivates adolescent and young people affected by the three burden disease HIV TB and malaria. He is a singer and song writer popularly known as massive

Michael Nor


Michael Nor is a young upcoming actor and the focal lead for a media group named I am positive it comprises of young people living with or affected with HIV. There aim is to use media to create massive awareness on health related issues.



The phoniex-nk group are young feminist in there diverse strength made up of three member's Zipporah Faith and Sophie , this are girl's band group supported and manage by a young man name Jude adeyemi, who has been a strong pillar for this group. And they partner with the organization of YouPen4Slah in using music and dance to change the mindset of people on health related issues.

Sarah Korae


Sarah Korae is a young woman and she is vast in terms of human Rights and a champion in advocating for young people in her country. She is the treasurer and assistant Gender focal person for Young person's network for sustainable life style and health initiative (YouPen4Slah)

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